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  • cow

    I often like to chew the cud twice so that the assets can once again yield the best return.

  • follower

    Some people have many followers because they have an instinct for hidden champions. With the right contracts, we can accomplish even the quickest rounds of sales.

  • servers

    There are successful business models which consist of nothing but zeros and ones. My clients know just how many risks can present themselves between two numbers.

  • halls

    To you they are the hallowed halls. To prospective buyers they are just assets. For successful company succession, I combine emotion with good figures.


Risk competent advice on corporate law

Recognises the opportunities and the risks, provides simple solutions that can be directly implemented.

Employment law, contract law, company and commercial law

Minimisation of risk through contract drafting from the company perspective.
Restructuring and reorganisation – use undiscovered moves and alliances for a successful turnaround.

Company takeovers and acquisitions

Find and implement the right framework for the best solution.

Company succession

Develop sustainable solutions individually tailored to the decision-maker.

Markus Czech

Lawyer, specialist for employment law
Diploma of Business Administration (BA)


Publications. current case-law, useful tips worth reading.


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